Movies and Shows
Movies and Shows - Learn the order of Mandalorian and Rebels, and all other movies and shows, on the Star Wars timeline. All Star Wars movies in chronological order

Books - Reading order and chronology timeline of Star Wars canon novels, updated 2020 with The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded Edition. How to read Star Wars books in order

What Star Wars is canon?
What Star Wars is canon? - See the complete timeline with all official releases of Star Wars stories since the sunset of Legends. All canon Star Wars releases

Viewing Orders
Viewing Orders - What's the best or correct order to watch the Star Wars movies? If chronological is not exciting enough, our personal favorites for alternative ways to see the Skywalker Saga films can be found here Explore viewing orders

Experimental: The galactic history
Experimental: The galactic history - With characters, lore and stories from the Star Wars universe in chronological order. Not yet fully operational, but feel free to sneak peek