Focus on the classics
Focus on the classics - Arguably the most famous alternative viewing order, the Machete Order, originally published by Rod Hilton in a 4700 word blog post. It does not spoil the twist in Empire, it has close to zero Jar-Jar, and it does not cover episodes 7-9. Machete Order

Anakin's journey
Anakin's journey - Focusing on Anakin, this viewing order builds up Anakin and Darth Vader separately, making the ROTS twist even more impactful than the Empire one. It also includes the Clone Wars TV-series and Rogue One. Ep. 7-9 can be watched afterwards. Dichotomy Order

Spotlight on the modern
Spotlight on the modern - From u/ludwigritcher752 on reddit comes the Lockwood Order. It makes the 2015-2019 sequels the center of the story while the Original Trilogy and Prequels work as backstory to understand the narrative. Lockwood Order

Release order
Release order - Watch Star Wars in the order its original fans experienced it, from 1977 to 2019. For maximum immersion, wait a few years between viewings and spend a week sleeping outside a movie theater before watching The Phantom Menace. Release order